Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cori McCuen - You are not in Good Hands with this All State Adjuster

Cori McCuen. All State Insurance, Roseville, CA 916-780-3737

So, you think that you are in good hands with these people? Ha ha ha. Guess again. My car was rear ended and infortunately, the guy that hit me was insured by All State. Never had I ever had so many problems dealing with an insurance company. Hey, I got hit. It wasn't my fault but All State and Cori McCuen have been screwing with me since the accident in late June. I found out that the liability adjuster was Martha Blythe. I called her on Thursday (before Memorial Day weekend) and her msg said that she was not in her office and will return on Friday. Said she would return my call. I called up on Friday and the msg said that she wasn't in the office and would return on Tuesday. Wow I called on Tuesday and you can pretty much guess what happened. Right, next day bull shit again. She finally called me back on that Thursday, after I had been trying to reach her for a week. WTH.

Okay, so I was told that Cori McCuen was my adjuster (or whatever her title is) and I talked to her about my claim. She told me that I would be getting $1900+ for my vehicle. I told her that I could not get a decent vehicle for that. I don't have much money and I had to go out and buy a similar van for $3995. I told Cori McCuen that the amount is unfair. She then told me that if I didn't like it then she would send me the 'salvage value' of my destroyed van, which amounted to around $600 I didn't like that either. She got mad at me and hung up

Today, July 21, I received a check from All State for $1300+. I called Cori McCuen up and she told me that they deducted the salvage value of the vehicle from $1900. I told her that I did not want the vehicle and she was treating me very bad. Cori McCuen got pretty snotty and told me that "All State does not have to take your vehicle" What am I going to do with it? This lady is so terrible and once again she hung up me.

You know, I kept calling these people at All State and I kept getting messages saying that they weren't in their offices, etc. I was told by somebody there that they were told by All State to give that message. Hey, these people don't want to answer their phones, they don't want to do business with you and they enjoy trying to screw people out of money. What the hell is wrong with these village idiots? I hope these people end up working at Jack in the Box because they are just fucking with people and don't deserve to have a good lazy job. We are human beings that they are dealing with. You are not in good hands with All State. God forbid.

Just to let you know, I did manage to get this squared away with All State, but not until I made unnecessary phone calls. However, I hope to see Cori McCuen working at Jack in the Box. I have read other complaints against this Cori McCuen on the Internet. Not very pleasant to deal with.

This accident was not my fault. The guy rear-ended me. I was forced to go through a week on unanswered phone calls and needless worrying because these creeps (All State) do not want to talk to claimants and make it difficult to complete a complaint. I was a victim. I did not cause an accident. So, why do you do this to me (and others, for sure)? If you don't want to do your job ad answer your phone and process your claims expeditiously then maybe you should work in a job where you do not do emotional damage to people. These idiots told me that 'we have 40 days to process your claim' Helloooooooo. Is anybody there? Who the hell wants to wait 40 days.

Here is your job application, Ms McCuen If you keep treating people like that, you will be out there looking for something that does not hurt people.

1. too busy texting
2. doing their nails
3, too damm lazy
4. don't know that they are supposed to answer the phone
5. gossiping
6. too busy looking for a new job
7. updating their Facebook pages
8. thinking up ways to screw people making claims
9. do not want to deal with people's claims against them
10. Attending Bullshit 101 Class

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David said...

Good on you for exposing these people for what they are. It seems that bad service is everywhere these days, but an insurance company will never go out of business like a store or restaurant would, because of terrible service. If more people would speak up when they're not treated fairly, maybe it would improve.