Monday, April 30, 2012

Starving Students Movers are thieves

Recently we had Starving Students of Oakland do our move.  I am pretty disgusted with them.  They stole my son's I-Pad.  Please do not trust these people if you are planning a move.  They are a bunch of hoodlums and crooks.  Do not have these people move your things.  If you do, make sure that you watch them carefully.  We filed a police report on them and I am certain that they investigated, but we are not out of an I-Pad and maybe even more.  They are a bunch of thieves.

They should call these people Starving Thieves, not Starving Students.  Bunch of thieves.


Anonymous said...

We also made the mistake of using these pond scum thieves! They moved our belongings into storage while we waited thirty days for our home to close. At the end of the thirty days we began opening the storage units and discovered our safe was missing. We watched them load it on the truck but it never made it into storage. In that safe was gun, our birth certificates, social security cards, pink slips to our vehicles, VA documents for my Veteran husband, medals won by my Veteran husband, 20 years of coin collection, collector knives and Tiffany New York jewelry. I am hoping that one of the three thieves involved fires that gun, it kills one of their loved ones. That would be justice!!!!

Anonymous said...

These THIEVES stole our safe. In that safe was Colt 22 Revolver and 20 years of coin collection. Our pink slips to our vehicles, our social security cards, our birth certificates etc., etc. We filed a claim with their whore and she as much as called us liars. We filed a police report and received a letter from the Distict Attorney stating that they are investigating. The insurance company for this den of THIEVES is VANLINES INSURANCE COMPANY. Look them up on google and file a claim.