Monday, April 30, 2012

Starving Students Movers are thieves

Recently we had Starving Students of Oakland do our move.  I am pretty disgusted with them.  They stole my son's I-Pad.  Please do not trust these people if you are planning a move.  They are a bunch of hoodlums and crooks.  Do not have these people move your things.  If you do, make sure that you watch them carefully.  We filed a police report on them and I am certain that they investigated, but we are not out of an I-Pad and maybe even more.  They are a bunch of thieves.

They should call these people Starving Thieves, not Starving Students.  Bunch of thieves.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cori McCuen - You are not in Good Hands with this All State Adjuster

Cori McCuen. All State Insurance, Roseville, CA 916-780-3737

So, you think that you are in good hands with these people? Ha ha ha. Guess again. My car was rear ended and infortunately, the guy that hit me was insured by All State. Never had I ever had so many problems dealing with an insurance company. Hey, I got hit. It wasn't my fault but All State and Cori McCuen have been screwing with me since the accident in late June. I found out that the liability adjuster was Martha Blythe. I called her on Thursday (before Memorial Day weekend) and her msg said that she was not in her office and will return on Friday. Said she would return my call. I called up on Friday and the msg said that she wasn't in the office and would return on Tuesday. Wow I called on Tuesday and you can pretty much guess what happened. Right, next day bull shit again. She finally called me back on that Thursday, after I had been trying to reach her for a week. WTH.

Okay, so I was told that Cori McCuen was my adjuster (or whatever her title is) and I talked to her about my claim. She told me that I would be getting $1900+ for my vehicle. I told her that I could not get a decent vehicle for that. I don't have much money and I had to go out and buy a similar van for $3995. I told Cori McCuen that the amount is unfair. She then told me that if I didn't like it then she would send me the 'salvage value' of my destroyed van, which amounted to around $600 I didn't like that either. She got mad at me and hung up

Today, July 21, I received a check from All State for $1300+. I called Cori McCuen up and she told me that they deducted the salvage value of the vehicle from $1900. I told her that I did not want the vehicle and she was treating me very bad. Cori McCuen got pretty snotty and told me that "All State does not have to take your vehicle" What am I going to do with it? This lady is so terrible and once again she hung up me.

You know, I kept calling these people at All State and I kept getting messages saying that they weren't in their offices, etc. I was told by somebody there that they were told by All State to give that message. Hey, these people don't want to answer their phones, they don't want to do business with you and they enjoy trying to screw people out of money. What the hell is wrong with these village idiots? I hope these people end up working at Jack in the Box because they are just fucking with people and don't deserve to have a good lazy job. We are human beings that they are dealing with. You are not in good hands with All State. God forbid.

Just to let you know, I did manage to get this squared away with All State, but not until I made unnecessary phone calls. However, I hope to see Cori McCuen working at Jack in the Box. I have read other complaints against this Cori McCuen on the Internet. Not very pleasant to deal with.

This accident was not my fault. The guy rear-ended me. I was forced to go through a week on unanswered phone calls and needless worrying because these creeps (All State) do not want to talk to claimants and make it difficult to complete a complaint. I was a victim. I did not cause an accident. So, why do you do this to me (and others, for sure)? If you don't want to do your job ad answer your phone and process your claims expeditiously then maybe you should work in a job where you do not do emotional damage to people. These idiots told me that 'we have 40 days to process your claim' Helloooooooo. Is anybody there? Who the hell wants to wait 40 days.

Here is your job application, Ms McCuen If you keep treating people like that, you will be out there looking for something that does not hurt people.

1. too busy texting
2. doing their nails
3, too damm lazy
4. don't know that they are supposed to answer the phone
5. gossiping
6. too busy looking for a new job
7. updating their Facebook pages
8. thinking up ways to screw people making claims
9. do not want to deal with people's claims against them
10. Attending Bullshit 101 Class

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gateway Motors

Gateway Motors, 17066 E 14th St(between 170th Ave & 171st Ave) Hayward, CA 94541

I came across this place while searching for a used van and purchased one. Here's what I have to say. Take me seriously and believe every word I say.

Stay away from this place. Liars, cheats, scoundrels. Never buy a vehicle from these people. Everything seemed fine. While I was signing the paperwork, one of their workers drove the car off the lot and replaced a fuse for the ABS and brakelight idiot lights. They had taken it out so those lights would not go on to make me think there was no problem. I got taken by these f*&(&ers. $800 to fix. They put stop leak in the radiator to hide leak problems, possibly the water pump. These people are sick. Don't go near this place. They are very dishonest and the scum of the earth. Stay away. Bunch of low-life thiefs. Crud. Garbage. Liars. Cheats. Scum. Sickos.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 Ukiah Country Pumpkin Fest

Ukiah, CA Oct 16-17. We sold our merchandise at the Pumpkin Fest. You can read more on our website

THE AMAZING MAGNO-MAN. A 52-year old guy came into my booth and began looking at my Fedora's. He took off his hat and removed some kind of skull cap which happened to have around 100 tiny magnets connected to it. "You see, when I buy a hat, I need to be able to fit this inside." I looked at him. I said nothing. I was frozen with sheer amazement. He then grabbed one of my hats and placed his gizmo inside. "What do those magnets do?" I asked him. "They help with circulation," he explained to me. "Ohhhhhh," I said not really knowing just what to say. I was pretty much speechless as I had never seen anybody with magnets attached to their head like this. But then again, this is Ukiah and I guess this is one of those stories straight out of the Marijuana fields of Mendocino County. He wasn't able to find a hat that suited him. Just be sure to stay indoors during a thunderstorm.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kaiser Health Plan

These people at Kaiser are a bunch of village idiots. My wife and I are retired Postal Workers and had Kaiser coverage under me with the Family Plan. In January, I switched our coverages to individual plans through OPM and received a letter from Kaiser acknowledging this.

Today I found out that they had cancelled my wife's coverage because I had changed coverage. They ignored the fact that she should have been covered individually. I had to make three phone calls (on hold 30-60 minutes each time) to OPM to have them fax the necessary information to Kaiser. I talked to Kaiser again and they told me that they had not received the fax and told me to call OPM again and have them call Member Services. These people are a bunch of jackasses. OPM then called them up and faxed them two more times with coverage info. They said that it would take at least 24 hours. I have had a number of problems with Kaiser over the year's.

I even visited our member services office here in Hayward to inquire why she was cancelled and the lady (a blonde, of course) told me that she couldn't do anything unless I brought my wife down, who is having trouble walking. I don't know how long this will take to remedy, but I have spent all day on the phone trying t take care of this.

In September, one of the doctor's gave my wife a prescription for novolin, which is insulin for dia betics. It said for her to take 30 units per day three times a day, which I figured was wrong because I was told she was to be given 2-14 units based upon her sugar levels. I called several people in Kaiser and they all kept telling me to give her the 30 units - even her personal physican. If I had done that, my wife would probably have died. Kaiser is a big joke. Assholes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Emerybay Public Market Food Court

EMERYBAY PUBLIC MARKET. Went there for lunch yesterday with some friend's. They have a food court over there with many eateries. Have gotten fish and chips there which were half-way decent, but nowhere near as good as London Fish and Chips in Hayward or Giovanni's in Morro Bay. Had some Japanese Curry previously which wasn't all that great. This time I got my food from Philly's Cheese Steak. I've learned that if the person cooking the steak, etc. doesn't speak with a Joisey Accent, than it's not going to be really good. This one was okay - comparable to one's I have eaten at festivals and fairs. Steak, cheese, peppers, onions and mushrooms were all slopped together. The roll was good and it was grilled. However, it bothers me when these people ask me if I want lettuce on my sandwich. Come on now, who really makes a good PCS Sandwich with lettuce? It just don't belong on any Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich East or West!! As I said before, you need to cook the steak by itself and add the cheese toward the end. Cook the onions and peppers separately and after you have put the cheese and steak onto the roll, you scoop up the O&P and place it on top and then eat it!!! Anyhow, the sandwich was okay and you do not go to this 'food court' for 'fine dining'

There are a good number of food places here and it's a great stopover when you are shopping in the area.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Products for DandL CREATIONS

We have several new designs on our website. Stop by and take a look. Fast service, custom sizes, superior workmanship. DandL CREATIONS. The design on the left is a necklace made with hematite and howlite. Sizes from 13 inch to 24 inch are available. The necklace on the right is hematite with Mother of Pearl.

We offer a great selection of inexpensive shell and semi-precious necklace.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I have written a number of ficticional pieces on my website Starving Vendors and I would like to share them with you.

One time I visited a rock and gem show in Monterey and ran into a dealer there who claimed that he had 'groupies' that followed him from show to show. That was hilarious. I wrote a little story about what this topic.

Monterey, CA As Jason Ringsby drove his beat-up 1978 orange van through the gates of the fairgrounds, he was able to escape from the reaching arms of over 200 screaming girls who had followed him in their cars from his previous show in Sacramento. With many of them running up to the fence and yelling at him, Jason drove past the security guard and proceeded to the space that had been reserved for him to prepare for this weekend's gem and mineral show.He is truly a rock star and noted expert in his field.

Widely known for his awesome stone jewelry and minerals, Jason has a strong following of young ladies who tail him from one location to another buying from him wherever he goes. Occasionally, some of these ladies will strip down in front of his booth and toss their undergarments at him. "I've got 5 boxes of panties and bras," exclaimed Jason with a huge smile on his face. "I'm thinking about putting them on my counter and selling them."

"That's one of the hazards of being a vendor," Jason added. "These girls follow me all over the place. They tail me to my hotels and wait out on the sidewalk for hours just to see me come out. I must sign over 500 autographs every day. My hand is getting tired. I need to take some time off to rest." Jason has been selling his minerals and jewelry at shows like this for the past 28 years and he really can't recall how and why this has been happening to him. "Yah, I've got my groupies following me all over the place. Sometimes these people will camp out for days on end. They stay in motels, their cars. Wherever they can bed down for the night." As for his night life, Jason certainly has no problems and is obviously the envy of the other vendors. "Yah, at the end of the day I usually pick out one or two and they take me to dinner and ... well, you know what I mean."

Ukiah Country Pumpkin Fest

Oct 17-18, 2009. Ukiah, CA Ukiah Country Pumpkin Fest

The crowds came out on Saturday for the parade and there were quite a number of people by closing time at 5:00. Food lines were not very long throughout the day and doesn't appear that they spent a lot of money. Entertainment throughout the day may have kept some of the people there. I was entertained by the assortment of characters coming in out of the woods or wherever they hide during the week. Sales were somewhat okay for me on Saturday and much slower on Sunday. Crowds very small on Sunday and that lends to the low booth fee. Maybe 75 booths and 10-12 food booths. Not much money to go around and quite a number of vendors did poorly. I'll bet they roll up THESE STREETS by 5:00pm during the week. They did an excellent job with the event and placement of the vendors and the food area was good. Booth fees were very reasonable and I am sure that everybody agrees with that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Antioch Holiday Craft Fair

Just received a form letter from the Antioch Holiday Craft Fair (or Contra Costa County Fall Fair or whatever you disguise this pitiful event as). It said:

We have received your application for the 2009 Fall Faire and appreciate your interest in our Faire. We regret to inform you that at this time we will not be contracting your services. Unfortunately, we feel that our product() are not suitable in nature for this event.

I sent in my application for this event five weeks ago and they have taken this long to get back to me. I emailed them several weeks ago and had no response. I called them last week and was told that somebody would return my call. Never happened.

Faced with the possibility of having to find another event, I called them on Monday and was told that they had not received my photos. Been doing this event for several years now and was there for two excruciatingly terrible weekends last year. So, I played the game and sent them in. Today I received the rejection letter - FIVE FREAKING WEEKS AFTER I SENT IN. They are being very inconsiderate toward the vendors and they could care less about us. Their show stinks. It sucks. They've been having it for two three-day weekends for many years and vendors have sat for hours and hours with no sales. So they changed it to one two-day weekend this year and called it by another name. It's a terrible show. The crowds were much smaller last year and if you are located in one of the two 'slow traffic' buildings you are totally screwed. Nobody comes to the last building and few go to the middle building. The show stinks. Not worth the money. They really gave a bunch of vendors the shaft this year.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meridian Square Fair/Bazaar, San Jose, CA

Vendor's Needed for Meridian Square Fair/Bazaar on Oct 31, 2009 in San Jose. Click on image for more details.