Thursday, February 26, 2009

Craft Show Vendor Liability Insurance

I have been compiling a listing of companies that offer insurance for vendors at craft shows, festivals, etc.

Specialty Insurance Agency. I looked at their website and it's hard to find info about policies. The policies run from September to August and it's roughly $350 per year. You really need to wait until September in order to get your money's worth. I have a friend who is insured through them and he says they are excellent. They also have an ad in Craftmaster News (pg 121 Feb/Mar issue) paper issue. You may subscribe to this publication. Best around.

Center West Insurance Agency. Tel 800-455-6974. centerwestinsurance@lanset,com I saw their ad in Craftmaster and looked at their website but didn't see anything about specific policies. Recommend emailing them for info.

RLI Home Business Insurance. This looks like it might be decent. Check it out.

To see more, please visit my website for the complete listing

If you know of any others, please let me know.... thank you


Caitlyn said...

Hi There!

I help vendors obtain affordable liability insurance. We can offer insurance to a single vendor and we have the ability to offer an extremely discounted rate to a group of vendors. Also, you can decide how long you want your policy to be! So if you need flexible, affordable coverage, give me a call!

Anthony Insurance Services, Inc.
(877) 811-2271

Anonymous said...

I have had RLI, they are comparable with other ins co's except for one thing. They charge you $ 20.00 extra for every ins certificate on top of the $ 354.00 per year.

Anonymous said...

You may also want to check out this option for insurance. You can buy insurance annualy or by event.

Anonymous said...

Annual or show policy from ACT Insurance Program - check it out